Where We Are

It is here, on the crêuza de mä (sea trails) sung by Fabrizio De Andrè, that the truest soul of Liguria is revealed.

Where We Are

Residence Le Saline

Residence Le Saline is located in Borgio Verezzi, a municipality of 2500 residents, consisting of two centers: Borgio, the seaside and residential village distributed along the straight beach, the Aurelia street and the railway, and Verezzi, consisting of four wonderful small Mediterranean hamlets nestled higher up on the slope of the Caprazoppa hill with the breathtaking view of the gulf of palms.

On the Hill


The village of Verezzi, perched on the Orera hill, looks like a harmonious set of four different hamlets (Poggio, Piazza, Roccaro, Crosa), connected by narrow alleys, mule tracks, and trails – crêuze – once used by mules and wagons.

It is here – on the crêuza de mä (sea trails) sung by Fabrizio De Andrè - that truest soul of Liguria is revealed. Along the alleys (caruggi) and sea trails (crêuze) that connect the hamlets, evocative glimpses of narrow passages, ancient gates, washhouses, shrines, corners rich in history and beauty that refer to past times. All that inserted in the harsh natural and pleasant context of terraced land. The most striking aspect of Verezzi, however, is the view of the Ligurian coast that can be enjoyed from each of the four hamlets where it really seems to be suspended between sky and sea. The view that unfolds, as Camillo Sbarbaro wrote, is as beautiful as an altarpiece: it is a picture that forms before your eyes and makes you cry out in wonder.

Verezzi by Night
The Caves


The Valdemino caves in Borgio Verezzi are the most colorful visitable cave in Italy. A seamless path winds for 800 meters inside large rooms to discover magical transparent lakes and spectacular concretions of all shapes and colors.

the caves of borgio verezzi

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