Borgio Verezzi’s Caves were only discovered in 1933 and, to date, they are the most colorful tourist cave in Italy. An underground, 800-meter long path inside large rooms, to discover magical transparent lakes and spectacular concretions of all shapes and colors everywhere: white, yellow, red in a thousand different shades due to the presence of various minerals.

More over, also the bone finds found in different parts of the cavity are of extraordinary importance. Dated between 500,000 and 750,000 years ago, they include remains of extinct varieties of animals suitable for living in warm climates (rhino, elephant, tiger, crocodile, macaque, turtle, etc.) and cold climates (bear, mammoth, deer, ibex, etc.), testifying to the alternation between glacial and non-glacial periods that characterized the last two million years of our planet’s life. Our guests will have the opportunity to obtain a voucher to visit the Verezzi caves.

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